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Psychologists: Australian Psychological Society (APS)

If you intend to apply for migration to Australia under one of the General Skilled Migration categories, you must have a nominated occupation which is on the Skilled Occupations List at the time you apply. In order to make a valid application, you must have obtained a skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority for your nominated occupation.

The APS is the assessing body for the following occupation:

Migration to Australia based on the General Skilled Migration Categories requires completion of the equivalent of an Australian APS accredited 6 year programme of study in Psychology.

Eligibility Requirements

In order for the Society to assess an individual's qualifications, an applicant must possess the following documentation:

The assessment provided by the APS will specify whether the applicant's qualifications are equivalent to 3, 4 or 6 years of Australian APS-accredited study in Psychology. If the assessment is required for migration purposes, the APS will specify whether the applicant's qualifications are suitable or unsuitable for the purposes of migration to Australia under the General Skilled Migration Categories. In addition, an invitation may be extended to join as an APS member at the relevant grade.

The assessment process may take from 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the amount of work involved in checking an individual's qualifications.