10 Jun 13

Sydney awaits Lions' arrival as rugby fans boost Australian tourism

Sydney's tourism industry is eagerly anticipating the arrival of the British and Irish Lions rugby team next month to provide a much needed boost to the regions' tourism industry.
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05 Jun 13

Australian 457 visa crackdown to benefit working holiday visa holders?

Australian Immigration Minister Brendan O'Connor has said any government move to crackdown on 457 visa holders could benefit working holiday makers as they move to fill labour gaps created as a result.
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03 Jun 13

Darwin tops Australian jobs table

A recent report has revealed that the Northern Territory's capital city is the best place to go for people looking for work, with more job vacancies than unemployed people.
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29 May 13

Australia ranked happiest place to live in the world

Australia has finished top on the OECD's list of happiest countries to live in the world for the third year running, showcasing its merits as a great place to move to.
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22 May 13

Australia named Best Country in the World by British readers

Readers of the Telegraph newspaper's Ultratravel magazine have named Australia as the best country in the world as part of its annual survey.
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21 May 13

457 Visa Fee to double

The cost of a 457 visa to Australia will double in July, it was announced in last week's Federal Budget.
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14 May 13

Penalty rates change to create 10,000 jobs in Australia

A report from Restaurant and Catering Australia claims as many as 10,000 jobs in the hospitality industry could be created should penalty rates change.
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10 May 13

Australian employment rate rises in April

The number of people in employment in Australia rose in April by over 50,000 people, surpassing all predictions.
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08 May 13

International Australian tourism growth outstrips domestic visitors

The number of international visitors coming to Australia is outgrowing domestic tourism for the first time since 2003, a recent report has revealed.
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29 Apr 13

Australian tourism outstripping predictions

Tourism Australia says the country's tourism industry is performing better than expected, with the industry expected to be worth AU$115 billion (£76 billion) by the end of the decade.
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23 Apr 13

Australian immigration pushes population growth past milestone

Current rates of Australian immigration will see the country's population surpass 23 million people later today.
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