14 Apr 05

Australia adjusts migration program to fill labour shortages

The Australian Government today announced significant changes to its immigration strategy including the addition of 20,000 places in the Skill Stream of the country’s 2005-2006 Migration Program.
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12 Apr 05

No need to retrain; MG Rover workers eligible for a new life in Australia

Workers from MG Rover’s Longbridge plant facing redundancy, and those who work in support and supplier channels, may have something to look forward to; a new life in Australia.
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08 Apr 05

Australian visa made easier under Special Humanitarian Program

The Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) has said in a statement people wanting to support relatives to come to Australia under Australia’s Special Humanitarian Program will now find it easier to apply for a visa.
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01 Apr 05

Australian Treasurer reiterates support for increases to Australian immigration

Australian Treasurer Peter Costello warned this week Australia's labour shortage crisis will get significantly worse in the decades ahead.
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24 Mar 05

Notice to Australian Visa Bureau clients regarding important changes to the Australian subclass 410 Retirement visa

Through a statement received by Mr Len Holt, president of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA), we have been made aware the Australian Department of Immigration and Indigenous and Multicultural Affairs (DIMIA) will cease the Australian Subclass 410 Retirement Visa on 1 July 2005.
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23 Mar 05

Australian Retirement visa due to cease 1 July 2005

Applications for the Australian Retirement visa, known as the Australian subclass 410 Retirement visa, will no longer be accepted after 30 June 2005, according to a statement made today by Len Holt, president, Migration Institute of Australia (MIA).
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17 Mar 05

Speculation on new categories of immigrants and visas for Australia

The Australian Federal Government is looking at overhauling its much criticised immigration and detention system in an effort to solve the pressing skills shortage.
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16 Mar 05

Australia to address worker shortage through immigration and skilled visas

Australia’s Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone has indicated there will be an increase in Australia's intake of skilled migrants through immigration but denied it was a sign the government was panicking to address the country's worker shortage.
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13 Mar 05

Government responds to changing ICT labour market

The Australian Government has further reduced the number of ICT occupations and specialisations listed on the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL).
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11 Mar 05

Australia skilled job vacancies growing says recruitment agency

The Australian Government may have no choice but to attract migrants from advanced industrialised countries to help fill the nation's growing number of skilled job vacancies, an international recruitment firm says.
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10 Mar 05

Australian Government introduces Bill to streamline Australian immigration processes

In an effort to restore integrity in its migration system and improve the confidence levels of those seeking Australian visas and those looking to immigrate to Australia, the Australian Government has introduced the Migration Litigation Reform Bill 2005.
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