14 Mar 08

Unemployment rate falls, promoting Australian visa opportunities

The unemployment rate in Australia has fallen to a record 33-year low, providing good news for people considering Australian immigration. Official figures have revealed that the economy added twice as many jobs as was expected in February.
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13 Mar 08

Skills shortage in hotel industry creates demand for Australian immigration

A growing tourism sector in Australia is exacerbating skills shortages and boosting demand for skilled immigrant labour, which could in turn lead to greater Australia immigration.
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12 Mar 08

Australia immigration needed to fuel economic boom

Australia's economy is booming, leading employment in the country to rise for the 16th consecutive month, which could be welcome news for those considering applying for an Australian visa.
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11 Mar 08

British and Germans taking advantage of Australian working holiday

One in three international visitors to Australia are from either Britain or Germany, according to a new report. The research from Greyhound Australia has also revealed that the majority of travellers on its coaches were in the country on an Australian working holiday.
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10 Mar 08

IT recruitment association calls for more Australian immigration

The largest association in the IT recruitment industry has called for a new labour agreement to help increase Australian immigration. The Information Technology Contractors and Recruitment Association (ITCRA) has called on the Australian government to ease local training provisions so companies can take advantage of the workers available through Australian immigration.
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07 Mar 08

Queensland aviation industry expansion may open door for skilled workers' Australian immigration

People in the aviation industry who are considering Australian immigration will be encouraged to hear that the sector in Queensland has a skilled workforce of 6,000 and is looking for more. The Queensland government is attempting to promote and grow the industry in order to be prepared should the current mining boom die down.
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06 Mar 08

Half of Sydney businesses looking to Australian immigration

Nearly half of businesses in Sydney are looking to Australian immigration in order to fill job vacancies, according to a new survey. Research from the Sydney Chamber of Commerce has also revealed that a shortage in skilled workers is causing concern for around three quarters of the companies which were surveyed.
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05 Mar 08

Australian immigration numbers double

The number of people in the UK who are choosing to take advantage of Australian immigration has more than doubled over the past ten years, according to a new report. There is also expected to be a further rise in the amount of people considering Australian immigration after the government there announced it is adding 6,000 more places available to skilled migrants.
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04 Mar 08

EU plans to compete for highly-skilled immigration

The European Union is proposing a new immigration scheme to encourage highly-skilled workers from other parts of the world to fill growing numbers of vacancies in key professions.
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03 Mar 08

Australia immigration could be used to solve house building industry shortage

People who take advantage of Australia immigration could be used to solve the skills shortage in the housing construction industry in Australia, in plans being considered by the government. Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister, has said that 20,000 skilled workers will be needed over the next three years to build the extra 90,000 houses needed in Australia.
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29 Feb 08

Australian Prime Minister unveils list of occupations in demand

The Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has revealed a list of 17 occupations which need employees the most in Australia. The list will be used to dictate the new training places which are being offered by the government, but may also act as a good guide for people considering Australia immigration. The 20,000 training-places to be offered are designed to help the country tackle its skills shortages.
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