29 Feb 08

Australian immigration proving fruitful

Over the past year people taking advantage of Australian immigration have taken more than half of the 240,000 full time jobs created in the country, according to official figures. The research reveals that employers appeared to simply run out of Australian-born people to employ. People from the UK have an unemployment rate of just 3.4 per cent.
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28 Feb 08

New Zealand being used as "giant transport lounge" for Australia immigration

People are moving to New Zealand in order to make them more eligible for Australia immigration, it has been claimed. Politicians in New Zealand have said that migrants are using the country as a "giant transit lounge" before moving on to Australia. The Unite Future party has revealed figures which show that almost 30 per cent of people moving to Australia from New Zealand were born abroad.
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27 Feb 08

Rural skills shortage may result in Australia immigration increase

There is a drastic shortage of electricians, plumbers, builders and fridge mechanics in rural West Australia, it has been reported. The West Australian says that people in these trades are travelling hundreds of kilometres in order to meet demands for their professions. This may open the door for people in the trades which are considering Australia immigration.
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26 Feb 08

Australia immigration could improve business confidence

A business lobby group in Australia has blamed a fall in confidence of small businesses on a lack of staff. Commerce Queensland has said that the skills shortage in the country is affecting small businesses badly. Among the ideas put forward as solutions to the skills shortage is to increase Australia immigration.
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25 Feb 08

Australia immigration could strengthen ICT industry

An ICT skills shortage in Australia is restricting the industry's growth, according to a new report. Research from the Australian Computer Society (ACS) has revealed that the ICT industry is being held back by a lack of staff. This is a problem which could be solved through Australian immigration.
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22 Feb 08

Brits moving abroad in record numbers through Australia immigration

More skilled workers than ever are leaving Britain and taking advantage of Australia immigration, Canada immigration and New Zealand immigration, according to a new report. Research by the Organisation of Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) has revealed that there are currently 3.25 million British people living abroad - and 1.1 million of them are university graduates.
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21 Feb 08

Victoria needs doctors: Australia immigration could be the cure

The shortage of doctors in Victoria is reaching a critical state, according to a new report. Research from the Australian Medical Association has revealed that although the population in the area has increased greatly over the past ten years, the number of GP's has barely changed. This has prompted calls for an immediate solution, one which could be provided through Australian immigration.
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20 Feb 08

Australian immigration could be 'key' to Hunter skills shortage

Upper Hunter in Australia is being hit hard by the skills shortage, according to the Hunter Valley Research Foundation. One of the solutions for the problem could be Australian immigration. The organisation has said that although employment in the region has increased by 20 per cent in the last year, there is still a shortage of workers.
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19 Feb 08

Australian IT skills shortage continues to prove challenging

The shortage of employees with adequate IT skills is continuing to prove challenging for employers as this shortfall in highly-skilled professionals increases, it has been reported. Employees are struggling to find and keep the employees they need in this field within a reasonable time frame, without excessively increasing the salaries on offer, Australian IT said.
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18 Feb 08

IT skills shortage affecting Australia's ability to compete globally

While some Australian IT firms are performing well in the global market, fears have been expressed that the country is being hampered by a skills shortage in this sector that is afflicting its ability to compete globally, Computerworld reports. The government is being urged to increase the available technical talent for the industry to facilitate the creation of innovations of the future.
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18 Feb 08

Australia looks to boost immigration to meet skills shortage

Australian immigration is set to increase as the country looks to deal with the shortage of skilled workers, the Age reports. The government has consequently set out new proposals to attract a greater number of skilled workers and is looking to draw in either those on an Australia working holiday or permanent migrants.
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