18 Mar 13

Australian Chamber of Commerce criticises 457 visa crackdown

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) has criticised the government's crackdown on the 457 visa program, claiming it is damaging the country's reputation.
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15 Mar 13

Australian IT industry slams government over 457 visa changes

The IT industry in Australia has been one of the government's main targets in its attempts to justify the changes to the 457 visa program.
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11 Mar 13

Australian 457 visa row rolls on

Politicians responsible for their respective parties' immigration policies have once again clashed over the ongoing Australian 457 issue.
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08 Mar 13

Australian 457 visa row fosters discontent within government

The ongoing Australian 457 visa row has already divided politicians in Australia but reports now suggest the discord is spreading to the governing Labor Party.
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06 Mar 13

457 visa row continues

The Australian government’s decision to tighten legislation surround the 457 visa program has provoked a political row which, according to some, is descending into pettiness which will do neither party any favours.
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05 Mar 13

PM and opposition leader clash over Australia visa changes

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has hit back at claims from Opposition Leader Tony Abbott that Ms Gillard's decision to tighten Australia visa policy 'demonises' overseas workers.
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04 Mar 13

Industry calls for au pair working holiday visa

Industries and agencies helping Australian families to recruit au pairs from overseas have called for their own category of working holiday visa to allow for longer stays.
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04 Mar 13

Prime minister backs 457 visa action

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has said she supports the upcoming changes the 457 visa program, saying they will get the 'out of control' visa stream back on track.
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01 Mar 13

IT industry balks at 457 visa changes

Recruitment firms within the IT industry have criticised changes to the 457 visa system which make it harder for Australian firms to employer overseas workers, claiming the changes will result in fewer jobs overall.
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26 Feb 13

Australia visa changes criticised

A number of governmental and business groups have expressed their frustration at the government's decision to crack down on perceived abuse of an Australia visa program which permits foreign workers.
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25 Feb 13

Minister announces Australia 457 visa crackdown

Recently appointed Immigration Minister Brendan O'Connor has made one of his first pieces of business a crackdown on the 457 visa program after reports of widespread 'rorting' of the system have emerged.
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