30 October 2007

Australian IT firms win big deals but need skilled people with Australian visas

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Australian IT firms have recently signed significant contracts for work, including some with international involvement, but they are finding it difficult to hire enough qualified staff and need Australian immigration to fill the gaps.

NASA's Johnson Space Centre in Houston has just asked Australian software company Altium to design electronic navigational and power systems for the International Space Station and the space shuttle. This deal is important financially but it also provides opportunities for IT professionals to be involved in cutting edge design.

Emma Lo Russo, Altium president and chief operating officer, told ABC Online: "A lot of our developers, they're bright guys who would have looked up to the sky and space as one of those things that really pushes the boundaries of electronics."

The Australian IT industry is producing world-class designs but needs to attract skilled IT professionals to live up to its potential. Ms Lo Russo said the industry is struggling to compete because of the drought of qualified workers.

Australia needs more skilled IT workers: Anyone interested in Australian immigration should begin by completing the Australian Visa Bureau's online Australian visa application to see if they meet the Australian visa requirements.

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