30 May 2008

Prime Minister discusses Australian immigration's role in filling jobs

The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has launched the first meeting of a Skills Australia board which will help fill shortages in the country. The board will asses factors like Australian immigration in filling needed positions, the Age reports.

Mr Rudd's first meeting centred around a childcare centre, which is in need of three new workers. The gathering was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who said the centre highlighted the skills shortages which are rife across the country, which more people with Australian visas could solve.

Ms Gillard told the newspaper: "The meeting today with Skills Australia will be part of setting up the long-term future." The country's Prime Minister has recently praised the plans to increase Australian immigration places as a means to solve skills shortages in a number of sectors. Mr Rudd said the move would deal with the "overall skills demand on the economy" and had planned for the long-term for the country, which had not been done by the previous government.
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