30 May 2008

Companies join to boost travel to Australia

Two companies have joined up to encourage more people to travel to Australia by creating inspirational holiday courses. It is hoped the union between STA Travel Australia and GoLearnTo.com will encourage more people to apply for an ETA Travel visa.

Etravelblackboard.com revealed that the two companies will offer learning holidays to people of all ages, which will include activities like learning to surf, speak another language, scuba diving and sailing. The courses are available globally, but this new initiative is to specifically encourage people to travel to and get a visa in Australia.

Vanessa Lenssen, the founder of GoLearnTo.com, told the website: "Holiday learning experiences enhance STA Travel's existing product range. They meet a need for new and exciting holiday experiences giving their customers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture and bring home a new skill that will stay with them long after the holiday is over." Those hoping to holiday in Australia need to apply for an ETA Travel visa and may be interested to know that both Melbourne and Perth have been cited as top destinations for travellers.

Are you travelling to Australia- If so, you'll require an Australian travel visa. To apply for your travel visa instantly, complete the Australian Visa Bureau's online ETA application.

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