29 December 2010

Increase in number of Irish emigrating to Australia

Figures from the Australian Department of Immigration have revealed that the number of Irish people emigrating to Australia has increased by 22 per cent.

Australia Visa

The numbers of Irish nationals permanently emigrating to Australia has increased.

Just under three thousand Irish citizens were granted permanent residency in the financial year ending June 2010, a 22 per cent rise on the previous year.

The Australia immigration department has experienced small drop off in the number of people seeking to emigrate to Australia overall, the rate of Irish applying has continued to rise.

Irish nationals made up 1.8 per cent of the total migration program for 2009/2010 year.

However, the number of Irish people granted an Australian Working Holiday Visa was down on the previous year. Some 14, 833 arrived on an Australian working holiday ending June 2010, compared to 22, 786 the previous year.

This figure has been attributed to the economic situation in Ireland and the fact that more skilled young Irish people are opting to permanently leave the country, rather than just taking a year out to travel.

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