29 July 2010

Australian immigration cuts will threaten economic growth, warns Coca-Cola boss

Australian skilled immigration laws should be relaxed and any plans to cut migrant levels will threaten economic growth, says Coca-Cola Amatil chief Terry Davis.

Australian Visa

Coca-Cola Amatil chief Terry Davis says reducing Australian migration will impact on economic growth.

Mr Davis was speaking at the Australian Institute of Company Directors function in Melbourne on Tuesday when he said that reducing the Australian skilled visa levels would be "a real mistake".

"That's what makes this country as great as it is - we've got to find ways to embrace and engage, because if we don't we'll end up with the ethnic issues that some other countries have faced, and I see that as very sad," he said.
Both major political parties have proposed Australian Visa cuts ahead of next month's federal election.

Mr Davis said immigration was good for Australia because of population and economic growth as well as social enrichment.

"Going back 50 years ago, what is it that the Greeks and Italians have added to the fabric of Australian society? An enormous benefit and you'd hate to lose it, or to lose that view that we're an open and embracing culture. All countries need population growth.”

He also called for a relaxation in Australian skilled migration laws to address skill shortages and a more flexible visa program.

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