29 July 2009

Grown-up travellers emerge as recession win for Australia

More than three quarters of people who have been made redundant plan to use the extra time to go travelling, according to foreign exchange company Travelex.

Australia ETA visa

Adults are taking time out to travel after being made redundant and are looking to Australia for adventure. However, to visit Australia they will need an Australian ETA visa.

Anecdotal evidence says that most of these grown-up gappers are looking for intrepid adventure in places like Australia. And with a higher budget than younger gappers they are also looking for quality accommodation and surroundings.

Travelex spoke to 4,000 people who had lost their jobs during the recession and found that 78 per cent say they planned to travel, explore and take a grown-up gap year.

It also found that one in ten of those who lost their job see it as a positive occurrence as it changes their life direction.

The research shows 30-55-year-olds are the most likely to take time out to travel (63 per cent), compared to just 32 per cent of 18-24 year olds, but unlike taking a year out most adult gappers would travel for on average three months, with men taking five to six months and women two to three months. 
Those with a thirst for an Australian adventure and who do not hold an Australian or New Zealand passport, will need an Australia travel visa. The most common type of visa is the Electronic Travel Authorisation, or ETA visa. This type of visa can be used to travel in Australia for up to three months, provided the holder does not participate in work while in the country.

As the ETA is electronic, it can be granted online within seconds and your passport does not need any paper labels or stamps. You can also enter and re-enter Australia as many times as you wish on the one visa, and have multiple ETA visas within your lifetime. So, if you find yourself enjoying the splendours of Australian holidays, or discover that it is in fact far too big to see all the wonders it has to offer in a short three-month holiday, you can always apply for another ETA visa online, hassle-free.

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