29 May 2008

Australian visa holders will 'help the housing market'

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Claims that people engaged in Australian immigration will cause house prices to rise have been dismissed, with the government saying the opposite will occur. Senator Chris Evans, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, said suggestions that an influx of immigrants to the countries would cause house prices to rise was untrue. He told news.com.au that in the long-run the nation's low housing stocks will be boosted by the Australian visa holders.

Peter Hughes, the migration deputy secretary, emphasised the good effects people engaged in Australian immigration would have on the economy, saying the 133,500 expected immigrants in the next financial year would reduce inflationary pressures and cut the cost of housing.

Senator Evans told the website he had addressed the shortage of skills reported in the construction sector in his recent immigration bill. He added he had identified "the need to find construction workers and bricklayers, carpenters etc, and make the program meet these shortages in Australia". In the recent bill Senator Evans increased the number of available Australian visas by 30,000, jobs in the construction sector also still remain on the Migration Occupations in Demand List.

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