28 October 2009

Australian student visa numbers up, says government

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The number of international students in the country on an Australian Student Visa has grown, a boost the federal Education Minister Julia Gillard says is a “remarkable result”.

"In the last year our international education sector has been challenged and we have been tested," she told the International Education Conference in Sydney.

"The good news is the sector has been remarkably resilient and it's pleasing that to date international student enrolments continued to grow."

"We will only be able to continue to grow the education sector if we are honest ... about the strengths and the weaknesses, and if we are resolute about fixing any problems," she said.

The Australian Government has a close tie with India, where the majority of Australian Student Visa applications come from, and closer to home the government has several plans in place, including a review of the sector and the creation of an online manual with information about life and study in Australia.

Ms Gillard said the government was also working to ensure international students studying on an Australian Student Visa were better informed about their working rights.

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