28 January 2010

Population increase, skilled migration boosting Queensland’s growth

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Queensland continued with its growth last financial year, increasing by 112,900 people, and accounting for a quarter of the nation’s population growth.

Skilled migration to Queensland

Queensland, and its capital Brisbane, has experienced population growth from an influx of skilled migrants.

A final government analysis shows Queensland's growth rate was 2.6 per cent in the financial year from June 2008 to June 2009 - 0.5 per cent above the national average.

Queensland’s growth rate is now second only to Western Australia's three per cent.

Australian immigration accounted for 48 per cent (54,400) of the growth, with 40 per cent of migrants from New Zealand, 18 per cent from the United Kingdom, five per cent from South Africa, four per cent from India and three per cent from the Philippines.

Natural net population growth was an increase of 67,000, followed by the third largest contribution, interstate migration.

State Treasurer Andrew Fraser said Queensland had an opportunity and a major challenge in the population increase.

"Population growth can bring benefits to the economy, especially with skilled migration ... but it also presents a challenge when it comes to service delivery and infrastructure," he said.

Mr Fraser said what's interesting about the population flow to Queensland from within Australia is that it's both younger and more skilled than the incumbent population.

"They generally come here to enjoy the lifestyle and also to be part of a growing economy," he said.

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