27 August 2009

Ja Rule clears Australian immigration, but still faces trouble

After months of battling immigration officials for an Australian visa permitting him to enter Australia, US rapper Ja Rule flew into Sydney and landed straight into trouble.

The rapper was due to arrive in Australia in July but faced long delays gaining an Australian visa, believed in relation to an arrest for gun possession in 2007.

But just after arriving with his entourage in Sydney, the successful rap artist hopped in a car, terrifying motorists by driving on the wrong side of the road.

"I think he was more interested in looking at the view of Sydney than he was keeping his eyes on the road," publicist Adam Cubito said.

Ja Rule, real name is Jeffrey Atkins, made an appearance for a programme at radio station Nova 969 to promote his show at the Big Top event at Luna Park on August 29.

After chatting about cars, radio host Kate Ritchie offered the rapper a drive in her mum's Toyota Seca, which she had driven to work that morning.

"He powered out into Pyrmont with Kate in the front and the show's other hosts Merrick and Rosso in the car and onto the wrong side of the road," Cubito said.

"They were all shouting at him to get back on the right side. I think there were a few people ducking out of the way.

"He obviously thought he was still in America. Luckily there was no damage."

The Pyrmont episode was recorded by Nova 969 and was played on air today.

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