27 August 2009

Foreign women studying in Australia enjoy more freedoms

A Bangladesh news source has described Australia as an attractive place to study, live, work and even migrate, particularly for foreign women.

Studying in Australia

Australia has been called an ideal destination for foreign women, many wanting to study in Australia because of the freedoms possible in the country.

The New Nation reported on a number of women's experiences studying in Australia, all with different language, religious and cultural backgrounds.

Last year there were 435,263 international students from 200 countries enrolled in Australian education institutes. Education is Australia's third largest export industry worth AU$16 billion.

The urban flair and cost-effectiveness, as well as the international quality of education, has made Australia an attractive destination for students from every nationality to study, live, work and even migrate, The New Nation reported.

Neven Bondokji, 29, from Jordan, chose Australia over the United States and the United Kingdom as her favoured destination for study because she found the country "safer and less discriminatory towards Muslims".

"As a Muslim woman wearing the scarf, studying, living and working in Sydney has been very comfortable because of its multicultural ambience. It makes my family in Jordan comfortable, too, that I am not alone - on campus or in the streets with a scarf," says Bondokji, who is doing a Doctorate in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney. For Bondokji, simple things like having a prayer room on campus or the concerns of Muslim students being addressed in student publications have made her feel "welcomed in this country".

"Studying in Australia has opened my eyes to different experiences and world views. Here, I have met more Asians, Pacific Islander and South Americans than I would have in the UK, and that has given me an insight into people from other cultures," says Bondokji, who is on an Australian Government scholarship for international postgraduate research students.

Bondokji said she had never faced racism in Australia.

To study in Australia there are a number of Australian Student Visa basic requirements:

An Australian Student Visa also has the advantage of enabling a student to work up to 20 hours per week while their course is in session, and no work limits apply during recognised periods of vacation offered by the education provider.


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