26 January 2012

Honoured Australian urges country to embrace Australian immigration

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Speaking in an Australia Day Address in New York, CEO of the Dow Chemical Co Andrew Liveris urged Australians to embrace Australian immigration as strengthening the country's diversity.

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Andrew Liveris said Australian immigration and diversity will solidify the country's place on the world stage.

Mr Liveris, a child of immigrants himself, said that Australian immigration is a means for future growth and prosperity which brings different perspectives and will allow Australia to become a commercial hub of innovation.

"I believe that our acceptance of diversity and our support of immigration were not just the right choices, but the smart choices for our nation's future. Simply put, because the world came to Australia and changed it, now Australia can go out and change the world."

Mr Liveris was born in Darwin in Northern Australia and began his career at the Dow Chemical Company in Australia in 1976. After decades of service all over the world, Mr Liveris became CEO of the company, the second largest in the world of its kind, in 2004.

Mr Liveris, who is also co-chair of US President Obama's Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, made his speech as part of the Australia Day celebrations which takes place every year on the 26th January.

Australia Day is a national holiday when people come together to celebrate their country with more than 10 million people attending events and parties to reflect on the country's diversity.

Mr Liveris paid tribute to his parents who chose to move to Australia as immigrants and the opportunity that afforded him.

"The journey from hopeful immigrant to proud patriot took only one generation in my case," he said. “There are very few countries on the planet where that can happen. And I have never forgotten why mine is one of them."

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