26 January 2010

Find your Ten Pound Pom ancestors with new Australian migration records

The family secrets of Kylie Minogue and her sister Dannii have been revealed, from passenger lists from the 1950s emigration program that dubbed many Ten Pound Poms.

Australian immigration

New information and records on the Australian immigration scheme, which dubbed the migrants Ten Pound Poms, has been released online.

The singer’s Welsh-born mother Carol Jones made the journey on SS New Australia in April 1955 with her parents, leaving their life running the local post office in Maesteg, South Wales, for a new life in Australia.

The Jones family were among some 710,000 Britons who took up a ten pound passage to Australia, and hence the name of Ten Pound Pom for one of the biggest migration schemes in Australia’s history.

Carol later went on to marry accountant Ron Minogue and settle in Melbourne to raise a family, where they still live today.

The passenger lists of ships carrying the 710,000, Ten Pound Poms who emigrated to Australia after World War II have been put online on the website findmypast.co.uk. Other records include information on the estimated 165,000 convicts sent to the colony in the 19th century.

Debra Chatfield of findmypast.co.uk said: “The availability of these passenger lists and convict records provides an invaluable tool for people tracing relative who they believe may have left the UK for Australia either emigrating or as convicts”.

Other information found in the records include the ancestors of Miss Minogue’s  Neighbours co-star Jason Donovan as well as Australian actor Hugh Jackman.

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