25 January 2010

Australian tourism still benefiting from American visitors

Tourism Australia will capitalise on the surge in American travellers to Australia, despite the global economic downturn, with a series of events to promote Australian tourism.

ETA Visa

American travellers will be encouraged to visit Australia as part of the 2010 Australia Week promotion by Tourism Australia.

Tourism Australia Executive Chairman, Rick Allert said Australian tourism had seen a four per cent increase in travellers from America in the past year and these tourists were still spending big while on holiday.

“Australian tourism has seen good growth out of the US in recent months as a result of increased air services and attractive airfares,” Mr Allert said.

Australian Immigration has reported that some 320,120 Americans holidayed in Australia in the financial year 2008-2009 with an Australian Travel Visa. The most popular of these visas is the ETA Visa, which allows the holder to enter Australia for up to three months for tourism purposes. The ETA Visa is also easy to apply for online, and once approved is electronically attached to your passport.

Tourism Australia will promote Australia as a holiday destination with food, wine, culture, music and travel events across Palm Springs, Los Angeles and San Francisco as part of the 2010 Australia Week promotion.

Last year’s Come Walkabout public event in LA was considered a huge success as more than a thousand Americans interested in an Australian holiday attending, but with consumer confidence continuing to improve Tourism Australia is expecting bigger crowds to this year’s event.

“We know Americans love affair with Australia hasn’t diminished even in the toughest of economic times and this is something that Australian tourism can really use to its advantage this year,” Mr Allert said.

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