24 June 2008

Immigration can help boost population in South Australia

The population level in South Australia (SA) needs to be boosted, and it has been argued that immigration could be a solution. According to Adelaide Now, Peter Vaughan, chief executive of Business SA is calling for a debate about the population growth rate and the role of Australian immigration in boosting population numbers.

Mr Vaughan told the news organisation: "We're keen to see the population reach two million people over the next 15 years." He added that debate is necessary as the "unfortunate reality is that immigration has always been a loaded political question in Australia'.

Currently, Australian visa holders increase the population numbers by approximately 16,000 people per year. However, the treasurer Kevin Foley said he wants to see an increase of 200,000 to 300,000 people over the next ten years. Mr Vaughan suggested the government create an extended visa scheme to help boost population numbers in South Australia. The population of Australia has recently soared to a record rate, with Australian immigration accounting for a large part of the rising numbers, reports the Age.

Australia needs skilled workers: Anyone applying for an Australian visa should begin by completing the Australian Visa Bureau's online Australian visa application to see if they meet the Australian visa requirements.

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