30 September 2010

Australia Visa numbers fall 3.7 per cent because of GFC and strong dollar

Australia’s net migration rate plunged in the past year, Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) demographic release shows.

Australia visa

Births outnumbered Australia's net migration in the past year.

Australia’s net migration rate fell dramatically in the past year, an Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) demographic release shows.

Net migration plunged 37 per cent from 98,100 in the 2009 March quarter to 61,800 in the latest period, after one-off factors that pushed net migration to record highs in 2008-09 declined. These factors included the impact of the global financial encouraging expats to return to Australia and the surge in foreign students experienced is likely to turn into a net decline next year, thanks to the strong dollar and changes in the Australian immigration regarding graduating students.

Births were the main increase to the Australian population, comfortably outnumbering net migration - 303,500 babies versus 241,400 migrants.

The ABS counts deaths against births without reference to the departed's place of birth to come up with a “natural” increase of 161,700 - a 40/60 ratio for population growth.

Australia's population stood at 22,272,000 on March 31, up 403,100 on a year earlier, the ABS revealed.

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