23 February 2009

Govt rejects claims that Australian migration intake needs massive cutback

The Australian Government has rejected arguments that migration would offset its proposed second stimulus package designed to protect Australian jobs, reports the Herald Sun.

The second stimulus package, worth $42 billion dollars, is planned to protect 112,500 jobs from getting the axe and create a further 90,000 jobs, yet demographic experts have suggested that without slashing the record numbers of people emigrating to Australia, the package would be in vain.

"On the face of it, Labor's migration program constitutes a direct challenge to the interests of domestic workers," the Monash University report says.

"It will add a huge influx of job seekers at a time when the bargaining power of domestic job seekers has taken a turn for the worse."

Employment Minister Julia Gillard defended the Government's position on ABC Television, saying that the research drew incorrect conclusions, and that the Australian immigration programme is still working endlessly to attract the skills to Australia that it needs.

The Australian migration quota is at record heights this year, with the number of skilled positions reaching 133,000.  Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Senator Chris Evans has said he would keep the 133,00 skilled visas as a ceiling until his department has fully assessed the needs of the Australian economy in time for the mid-year Budget release.

The Australian Visa Bureau is an independent consulting company specialising in helping people with emigrating to Australia.

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