22 October 2007

Growing demand for agricultural and natural resource management professionals with Australian visas

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Australia is experiencing increasing demand for agricultural and natural resource management skills, according to the latest research. With job vacancies expected to rise 36 per cent over the next six years, people with qualifications and skills in this sector will find many career opportunities if they are interested in Australian immigration.

The University of Sydney study forecast an extra 123,000 agriculture-related jobs in the Australian economy over the next six years. "Australia's agricultural sector is facing seismic challenges from climate change, the drive to sustainability and the corrosive effects of the country's skills shortage," said the dean of Sydney University's Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, professor Les Copeland.

"It is clear that climate change will pose an increasingly complex landscape for the sector, both from an operational and regulatory standpoint and the sector's response to this complexity will require an infusion of scientific and policy skill. In light of these macro challenges, we believe that over the coming decade Australia's agriculture sector will experience an almost unquenchable thirst for graduates from a range of agricultural disciplines," Professor Copeland added.

Australia needs skilled agriculturalists and natural resource managers: Anyone applying for an Australia skilled visa should begin by completing the Australian Visa Bureau's online Australian visa application to see if they meet the Australian visa requirements.

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