21 December 2010

Australia immigration survey finds most people support multiculturalism

A survey of Australian attitudes towards immigration has found that most people support multiculturalism but hold a belief that migrants should adapt to Australian culture.

Australia immigration

A survey into Australia immigration views has found most people support a multicultural Australia.

A survey of 1,400 Australians conducted by the Ipsos-Eureka Social Research Institute found that 62 per cent agree that Australia should be a multicultural society, but only 48 per cent believe migrants should be able to maintain their culture without prejudice or disadvantage.

"There were a lot of patterns around people thinking that people should embrace the Australian way of life and very much associated that with speaking the language," says researcher Caroline Tomiczek.

Yet eight out of 10 believe that the Australia immigration program has been generous to migrants throughout its history.

The Ipsos-Eureka survey also found that within one generation, those with a migrant background show as strong a sense of belonging as the general Australian population.

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