21 September 2009

Robbie Williams may emigrate to Australia, buy outback farm

Music star, Robbie Williams has been reportedly talking about emigrating to Australia, buying a farm in the Australian outback, and settling down with his girlfriend and having a family.

Emigrate to Australia

Robbie Williams has said he was considering a move to emigrate to Australia with his girlfriend.

Robbie, who has moved back to the UK after living in Los Angeles for over seven years, said he was keen to emigrate to Australia and buy property after his girlfriend Ayda Field suggested the idea.

"I'm thinking of coming down there. I have been looking for places out in the outback, maybe a farm," he was reported as saying.

The 35-year-old also revealed he is ready to settle down with actress Ayda and start a family.

"It's about time. I've had a good innings. Life feels an awful lot different."

Robbie Williams is also due to tour Australia in November for his new album Reality Killed the Video Star.

He will perform Bodies, the first single from his new album at this year's Australian Recording Industry Association Awards in Sydney in November as part of the tour.

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