21 February 2012

Recruiters report on influx of thousands of Australia visa arrivals

The narrowing job markets and struggling economies in the UK and Ireland have seen thousands of Britons and Irish people apply for an Australia visa and take advantage of staff shortages Down Under.

Australia visa

Recruitment agencies in Perth have reported an upswing in UK and Irish nationals looking to take advantage of work opportunities.

Australian recruiters have reported an influx of workers from the UK and Ireland, with a more than 50% rise in the number of Australia visa applications from people looking to work.

Australian immigration authorities confirmed the rise, citing the 3,560 Irish citizens entering Australia on a 457 visa since July 2011, almost topping the entire previous financial year.

The number of Irish citizens choosing to move to Australia on permanent working visas looks set to double by the end of the current financial year with over 2,000 entrants halfway through the year.

Simon Winfield, senior regional director at HAYS recruitment agency in Perth said: "When you compare the economics in Perth to somewhere like Ireland there are an awful lot of people who are keen to take those opportunities up."

Mr Winfield highlighted the growing need for workers in Western Australia and Queensland:

"If you've been doing any research then you would probably want to be coming through WA or Queensland at the moment."

He continued that many Australian companies are actively trying to lure more workers from the UK and Ireland to Australia.

"People are aware of the economic situation in the UK and Ireland and certainly are targeting those locations in the hopes they can find the individuals they're looking to find," said Mr Winfield.

Mr Winfield said that while HAYS regularly deals with foreign nationals looking for work but had since a 25% increase in the past six months, particularly for positions in finance, construction and administration.

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