20 September 2007

Microsoft: Australia is a land of opportunity

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The Microsoft Australia's Partner Conference 2007 on Queensland's beautiful Hamilton Island this week focused on a theme of Australia as a land of opportunity. Amidst the hype of new product range launches, attendees highlighted the pressure felt by clients because of the tight labour market. Britons interested in Australian immigration can take advantage of the skills shortage being felt across Australia.

One sector particularly suffering from the skills shortage is federal, state and local government. Sue Johnston, Microsoft government industry manager, told CRN Australia that this is a lucrative and competitive market.

"One of the problems that may prohibit governments from realising these visions is the skills shortage. A lot of people have spoken about the skills shortage but governments in particular are suffering from a staff point of view in a tight labour market.

"It's very difficult for governments to compete in terms of wages and there will be increased dependency on partners to be able to help them realise their goals. Our focus is on working with government industry bodies and the partners to be able to come up with ways to address that."

The software company's focus on finding a solution to Australian government's demand for IT workers shows just how urgent the need for skilled professionals is. As the demand shows no signs of waning, immigration should be considered a vital avenue of relief to the situation.

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