20 April 2009

Family says emigrating to Australia "worth the paperwork"

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While emigrating to Australia can seem a cumbersome effort for families living in Britain in terms of paperwork and relocation nuisances, those who have committed themselves to the process and completed the journey have said it was well worth the effort.

Kate Robinson said in The Telegraph that emigrating to Australia to set up a business was not an easy task for herself and her family, considering the amount of paperwork and time that had to be devoted.  However, after seeking the help of a migration consultant with filling in their Australian visa application forms, and applying themselves to the process, they now find themselves happily set up in Sydney, Australia.

Mrs Robinson said that while the task was daunting, there were a number of factors that convinced herself and her husband that emigrating to Australia was a great idea.

"A regular feature in the top 10 agreeably habitable cities was Sydney, Australia. A combination of family, friends and standard of living, most especially for our 18-month-old son, Charlie, helped cement our decision, despite the fact that we were moving to the other side of the world."

After going through the motions of filling in Australian visa application forms for the temporary business visa (Subclass 457), and completing the necessary health and character checks, the Robinsons found themselves en route to Australia, just as the recession kicked in.

While the family agree that uprooting oneself from family and friends can be a difficult and trying process, emails and Skype no longer make it difficult to feel close to home, and in a place like Australia it is easy to settle quickly and easily into a brand-new sun-laden lifestyle, especially since so many other Brits have already laid the path and formed strongly-linked ex-pat communities.

"Australians are very friendly and welcoming and the lifestyle is arguably one of the greatest in the world," Mrs Robinson added.

"Mastering the barbecue, understanding the overt displays of Australian nationalistic pride, watching TV that includes re-runs of The Bill, and coping with a country that has some of the world's deadliest snakes and spiders are part and parcel of our departure from the comfort zone."

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