19 November 2009

Western Australia wages rise in strong Australian economy

New figures show the average weekly wage in Western Australia has grown 7 per cent last year to a seasonally adjusted $1,306.30.

The increase in wages has shown resilience in the Australian economy despite the global economic downturn.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics said recently that Western Australia's average weekly ordinary time earnings had risen from $1,221.90 in August last year to $1,306.30 in August this year, higher than the national average.

The state is experiencing high growth, particularly in the mining industry, and the Government has been encouraging skilled workers to emigrate to Australia to fill labour shortages.

 If skilled workers have an occupation listed on the Critical Skills List they will see their Australia Visa application given priority processing. 

The average wage for a female working in Western Australia rose 9.3 per cent from $982.80 in August last year to $1,074.60. Wages for males working in Western Australia grew six per cent from $1,340.80 to $1.422.20.

Nationally, the average weekly wage in Australia is now $1,200.60, or $62,431 per annum, after rising by 5.2 per cent in the year to August.

The quarterly seasonally-adjusted pace of average weekly ordinary time earnings rose 0.9 per cent in the three months to August.

 The Australian Visa Bureau is an independent consulting company specialising in helping people emigrate to Australia. 

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