19 September 2007

Employment boom in Australian Capital Territory needs Australian immigration

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Australia's capital Canberra and the Australian Capital Territory state are desperate for Australian visa holders to address skills shortages in all areas. Catherine Carter, executive director of the Property Council of Australia for the ACT, writes in City News: "The ACT is experiencing an unprecedented building boom, created mainly by [government] expansion and set to continue in the immediate future."

Australian immigration is the immediate answer. As Ms Carter says: "It seems we need more people in the ACT, and we need those people to be skilled and willing to stay." Everyone from executive level staff to skilled tradespeople, construction workers and support staff are needed to keep the economy moving.

Canberra had the biggest increase in job advertisements in newspapers and on the internet in the country, according to a recent ABC report. The report showed that as of April 2007 there were around 187,300 people employed in the ACT. Government administration and the defence sector employs 46,900 workers, property and business services 25,500 and retail 21,000.

ACT's unemployment rate is 3.4 per cent, almost 25 per cent lower than the national average of 4.5 per cent. Only by the Northern Territory and the boomtown economies of Queensland and Western Australia have lower unemployment.

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