19 August 2009

Emigrate to Australia: most Australians have benefited from recession says top researcher

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Emigrating to Australia is looking more and more an attractive option as new research shows most Australians have benefited in the recession from lower mortgage rates and fuel costs.

Emigrate to Australia

Most Australians have benefited from the recession, says a top researcher. Those emigrating to Australia who also be able to benefit from the low mortgage rates and fuel costs.

The global financial crisis has not left Australians as skint as other countries, said one of Australia's top researchers Roy Morgan Research.

Roy Morgan Research chief executive Michele Levine told the national Tourism Futures conference on the Gold Coast in Queensland many businesses were under the mistaken impression that everyone had caught the global financial crisis blues.

Ms Levine said while other countries had fared worst, the direct hit on Australians had been on their assets only and consumer confidence was still faring well.

The very wealthy have lost big and had slowed their spending, but young people and families with secure jobs have benefited financially from the falling mortgage and fuel costs and the federal stimulus package.

British nationals and others emigrating to Australia would also be able to take advantage of these benefits. 

She said businesses needed to be mindful not to consider everyone to be down and out when marketing their product.

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