19 May 2008

Employers dismiss claims that more Australian visa holders will lead to pay cuts

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Employers have dismissed claims that increasing immigration in Australia will lead to pay cuts for native workers. Businesses in the country have backed the move, saying there is "no reason why" the government cannot invest in education and skills alongside boosting Australian immigration numbers, reports the Australian.

Peter Anderson, the executive director of the Australian Chamber of Commerce, told the newspaper: "[The] government needs to recognise that there is a global market for labour, just as there is a global market for capital." He added that as the country has the highest minimum wage of developing countries it is unlikely that Australian visa holders will be seen as cheap labour. "It's not a threat to the Australian way of life," he added.

Industry bodies have backed the plans, released by the government last week, to create 30,000 more Australian skilled visa places. The Business Council of Australia, the Australian Industry Group and the West Australian Chamber of Commerce have all praised the plans.

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