19 March 2009

Temporary Australian visa scheme dominated by Indians in IT industry

Indians are dominating the temporary Australian visa scheme (Subclass 457), according to data sourced by the Australian Financial Review from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).

The 457 visa scheme allows overseas workers on a temporary Australian work visa to work in Australia for a sponsoring employer for up to four years.  After recent concerns that the scheme should be downsized so that Australians would have access to local jobs before foreigners during the economic downturn, DIAC revealed to the newspaper that Indian workers made up more than half the national workforce in the IT industry.

The number of Indians who work in Australia in the IT industry for the year to June 2008 reached 3840, indicating a 27 per cent increase in temporary Australian working visa applications (Subclass 457) for Indian IT professionals in the "computer professionals" and "applications and analyst programmers" occupations.

Although the Government announced a reduction in the General Skilled Migration Program this week, cutting the record 133,500 skilled visas to 115,000, Minister for Immigration Chris Evans said the 457 visa scheme would not be reduced and would reflex itself to the economic conditions.

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