19 January 2010

Australian economy strengthening with job ads up for second month

Australian job advertisements rose for the second consecutive month in December, further proof that Australian economy and labour market has strengthened.


The Olivier Job Index has shown the number of job advertisements has increased for a second month, further proof in the strength of the Australian economy.

The recently released job advertisement figures show continuing confidence by businesses in the Australian economy

The Olivier Job Index reached 0.48 per cent in December, following a 5.88 per cent rise the previous month. The index is based on a survey of an average 153,137 job advertisements on commercial websites each week in December.

Director of Olivier Group Robert Olivier said the rise rounds off a remarkable recovery over the last six months in the Australian jobs market. 

"The continuing underlying confidence of Australian consumers and employers has shown how deeply resilient our economy is."

Australia's unemployment rate fell to an eight month low of 5.5 per cent in December, from 5.6 per cent the month before, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said last week. In addition, the Australian employment figure increased by 147,200 in the six months to 31 December, 2009.

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