18 September 2009

Population increase predicted from more people emigrating to Australia, baby boom

A new report by the Australian Treasury Department predicts a higher birthrate and more people emigrating to Australia will fuel a larger than expected population.

Emigrate to Australia

A higher birthrate and increased levels of people emigrating to Australia will see a higher than expected population, says the Australian Government.

The Treasury's intergenerational  report predicts Australia will have a population of 35 million by the year 2049, around 7 million more than the estimate made two years ago.

The figure is around 13 million more than the current estimated population in Australia of just under 22 million.  

The population growth of 62 per cent over the next 40 years, instead of the previously predicted 35 per cent,can be attributed to increased fertility and higher rates of Australian immigration, Treasurer Wyane Swan said. 

The report also suggested that the Australian population will age less rapidly than had been forecast, with around 22 per cent over 65 in 2049. A 2007 report predicted more than one-quarter of the population would be older than 65 in four decades.

The results echo Australia's period of high growth in the 1950s and 1960s large numbers of people were encouraged to emigrate to Australia and birth rates were high.

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