18 August 2010

Australian PM insists cuts to Australian immigration won’t hurt economic growth

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard denied that the Labor government’s promise to cut migration would hurt economic growth.

Australian Immigration

Cuts to Australian immigration will not affect economic growth, the Australian PM has said.

The Labor Party has promised to deliver "a sustainable Australia", which would involve reducing Australian Visa  numbers, but has said its policies would still fuel growth.

The Australian business community has criticised Ms Gilliard, saying that her promise to slow Australian Immigration would be a bad economic step for a country that has benefited from increased living standards and prosperity since World War II because of immigration-fuelled growth.

Describing herself as a supporter of immigration, Ms Gillard, who was born in Wales, said targets had to be set according to economic circumstances and that Labor's policies would fuel growth by encouraging Australian skills and infrastructure.

The Prime Minister said she wants to deliver skills to Australians first and has highlighted her plans for a National Broadband Network and spending on training.

The comments came as economic management dominated the Federal election campaign, and Ms Gillard declared the opposition's economic policy is in chaos after Liberal Deputy Senate Leader George Brandis said he did not know when a Coalition government would return the budget to surplus despite the Opposition leader Tony Abbott's guarantees of a surplus by 2012-13.

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