18 April 2011

Australian immigration deports Adelaide man to UK

Despite having not lived in the United Kingdom since he was six years old, an Adelaide man has been deported to the UK at his own cost by Australian immigration.

Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen cancelled Clifford Tucker's Australian visa after it had been determined that he had breached the Migration Act due to failing a character test.

Mr Tucker had been jailed for 12 years prevously for attempting to murder a policeman in 1983 when he was 19 years old, and had served a further sentence of two years for assaulting another individual.

My Tucker has also been forced to pay AU$14,000 to cover the cost of his flight and escorts to return him, which his lawyer, Stephen Kenny, says punishes his client twice. However, the federal government have paid for six weeks accommodation for Mr Tucker and granted him £2,500 to support himself on his arrival in the UK.

As a result of the ruling, there has been some question over whether the immigration department is breaching international obligation and mis-using the amended Migration Act.

Michelle Foster from Melbourne University's Law School commented that the amendment of the Migration Act was intended to deport people who failed character tests, saying "There was never any discussion for that provision to apply to long term residents".

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