18 March 2009

Australian visa applicant appalled at taking English test

An Australian visa applicant has voiced her anger that she has been asked to prove her English language ability to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).

The British nurse submitted her Australian visa application so that she could work in Australia as a nurse, however officials said she could not get her Australian work permit until she had passed an English language ability test.

Being British, Julie Dutton was taken aback by the request, saying, "I'm from England.  I was educated there.  I worked there.  I speak fluent English."

Mrs Dutton chose to emigrate to Australia last year with her husband and has been working part-time as a nurse.

"I was told the application could not be processed because I had not taken the English language exam and now I have to wait until June before I can apply again and when I will be able to take the test to prove I can speak English," Mrs Dutton added.

According to the Metro, the Premier of New South Wales, Mr Nathan Rees, says the case will be investigated, as usually passport holders from the UK, US, Canada, New Zealand and the Republic of Ireland are exempt from having to prove their English language ability.

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