17 September 2009

Australian citizenship test to focus on understanding Australia

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Changes to the Australian Citizenship test have been announced by the Australian Government recently.

Australian Citizenship

The Australian Citizenship Test for those who have emigrated to Australia and wish to become citizens has been updated.

Rather than just a general knowledge test about Australia, the new Australian Citizenship test  will see those who emigrate to Australia assessed on their understanding of the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship.

The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, yesterday released the revised citizenship test resource book, Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond, which provides the information required to take the new test.

"The new citizenship resource book and test will ensure all migrants have a better understanding of their responsibilities and privileges and the best possible opportunity to become Australian citizens," Senator Evans said.

The resource book was written by educational and civics experts in plain English and divided into testable and non-testable sections.

The testable section focuses on the pledge of commitment that new Australians make when becoming citizens and contains information on Australia’s democratic laws and government as well as the responsibilities and privileges of Australian Citizenship.

The non-testable section contains useful information about Australia’s history, culture, sport and notable Australians.

The new Australian Citizenship Test is due to be rolled out on October 19.

The Australian Citizenship Test was overhauled after an independent review last year.


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