16 November 2009

Minister discusses Australian visa delays on national radio programme

Australian Immigration Minister Senator Chris Evans admitted a delay in Australian visas in an interview by presenter Peter Mares on ABC radio's The National Interest programme last Friday.

During the 15 minute interview Senator Evan’s admitted that there were now approximately 30,000 onshore and 105,000 offshore Australian skilled visa applications that were delayed as a result of the processing priority changes in September, although the Minister described the situation as   "it's not a delay in processing, it's a prioritising".

Applicants within Australia can expect to wait until at least the end of 2011 before their cases are processed; migrants applying from overseas could wait until at least the end of 2012.

"They're not on hold. What people do is they apply for permanent migration to Australia, and they're assessed, and we determine, based on the needs of Australia and our priorities, who gains permanent migration.

"We operate the scheme in support of the national interest so people may be facing longer waits in some occupations but others are getting quicker treatment if they're in occupations which are necessary for the growth of our economy," Senator Evans said. 

More information about processing times is available here.

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