16 August 2010

South Australian working holiday drive turns Lincolnshire man into shark wrangler

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Shark wrangling may not be everyone’s idea of stress-free job, but a Lincolnshire man has managed to snag his dream job in one of the sunniest states in Australia.

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Shark wrangler is just one position being offered as part of the South Australian Government's working holiday maker drive.

Craig Hobson, from Louth, is a shark wrangler in South Australia and his job involves enticing sharks closer to him so tourists can take pictures as well as helping scientists tag the sharks.

Shark wrangling and other unusual jobs have been highlighted as part of new campaign launched by the Government of South Australia to entice young Britons aged 18 to 30 to take up an Australian Working Holiday Visa and live in the state for a year or two.

Craig Hobson said he loves his job and wants to stay in Australia and carry on shark wrangling.

"My visa will expire in October. I'm already starting to enquire to extend that for another year, possibly even residency. I would love the opportunity to become a full-time shark wrangler," he said. 

Other quirky jobs that have been advertised include a koala catcher, a non-grass golf course green keeper and a fairy penguin home remodeler.

South Australia's London-based agent general Bill Muirhead said the campaign was about showing people that South Australia offers more exciting work and travel options than anywhere else in the world. The South Australian Government also hopes after working holiday makers get a taste of life in the state they will decide to stay permanently.
South Australia enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year on average, with an average summer temperature of 26 degrees falling to an average of 16 degrees in winter.
The Australian and South Australian Government endorsed website Workinsa.com.au has information about finding work in the state, as well as a handy job search feature for working holiday makers.

You can search for working holiday jobs and find out more information about working and living in South Australia here.

While it is possible for working holiday makers to apply for some jobs before leaving for Australia, it is strongly advised to obtain an Australian Working Holiday Visa before making applications as you will not be able to work or enter Australia without a valid visa.

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