16 July 2008

QLD tourism using new nudist beaches to entice international visitors

Queensland is in the process of legalising its first nudist beach in an attempt to boost international visitor numbers to Australia, reports the Brisbane Times. Sunshine Coast Regional Mayor Bob Abbot agreed yesterday to consider a proposal from a lobby group to legalise a clothes-optional beach in the Sunshine Coast.

Vice President of the Free Beaches Australia lobby group Mark Hayter said Queensland could be generating a lot more tourism income if they had beaches where international visitors could sunbathe nude and not get fined.  He added that when visitors on an Australia visa discover that Queensland is the only state without legalised nudist beaches "it scares them off". 

Queensland Premier Anne Bligh has previously conferred she will approve changes to the legislation if local councils are willing to also agree to the changes. 

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Article by Jessica Bird, Australian Visa Bureau.

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