16 May 2006

Australia tops for migrant teaching

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The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has awarded Australia top marks for migrant students performance at school.

The Australian newspaper is reporting that the OECD report released in Paris, ranked 16 industrialised countries and rated migrant children's performance; Australia came top of the list.

In Australia, migrant students did almost as well in mathematics, science, problem-solving and reading as Australian born students.

In some European countries, migrant children ranked so low they were judged as barely literate.

The OECD report shows that children are the most likely to flourish in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

In other countries at least a quarter of first- and second-generation immigrants fail the minimum levels for mathematics and reading proficiency.

But migrants to Australia performed nearly as well on a standard maths test as their local classmates, who scored the OECD average of 525 points on a scale of 400 to 600. The average OECD score for first-generation migrants was 475.

In Germany, where native-born students did as well as Australian students in the OECD maths test, foreigners scored only 455 points, while second-generation students did even worse, scoring 430.

Immigrants to Australia do nearly as well in English reading tests as their Australian-born classmates, scoring roughly the OECD average of 520 points, even if their parents speak another language at home.

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