16 February 2010

Australia’s ambassador designate to America injured in blizzard

Former Australian political party leader Kim Beazley has been injured in the first few days of his posting as American ambassador.

The record winter snowstorm in Washington DC, which is suffering the snowiest winter since records began in the 1880s, has created difficult conditions and Mr Beazley slipped on ice outside his home in the capital.

"Kim Beazley injured his knees following a slip on the ice in Washington on Tuesday," a spokesman from the Australian Embassy in DC said.

"He will have keyhole surgery to his knees later this week. He is anticipated at this stage, after surgery, he will have to rest at home for seven to 10 days."

The injury and surgery will delay Mr Beazley officially taking up the ambassador role at the Australian Embassy, and a rescheduling of next week's planned presentation of his credentials to American President Barack Obama.

Mr Beazley currently holds the "ambassador-designate" title.

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