15 December 2011

Australian visa focus on Latin American students sees success

While countries like the United States have made it increasingly difficult for Latin Americans to obtain a student visa, Australian universities have seen success in promoting to these potential students, with a rise in Australian student visa applications from these countries.

Australia visa

Australian universities have seen success in promoting to Latin American students.

The rise in Australia visa applications from students is thanks to the increased presence of representatives from Australian universities making regular visits at college fairs in countries like Brazil, Peru, Columbia and Chile, as well as the establishment of a comprehensive Spanish-language website.

Additionally, Latino students have been offered an increasing number of scholarships by Australian education institutions, and Australian student visa restrictions for higher education study have been eased.

Speaking on the situation, Margaret Gardner, vice-chancellor from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Chair of the Education Advisory Group of the Council for Australia-Latin America Relations said: "This activity has been a big and concerted effor....and I think it's making quite a difference."

To give an idea of the historical rise of applicants, in 2004, there were just 7,500 Latin Americans in Australia. However, that number rose to over 20,000 in 200.

While current statistics aren't currently available, there is every indication that this number has only increased due to the efforts made by Australian universities and the Australian government to encourage Latin American students to come to Australia.

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