15 July 2009

Overseas workers caught in breach of Australian visa conditions

Australian Immigration officers today discovered 12 people working unlawfully on an orchard near Menindee, south of Broken Hill in South Australia.

The operational by Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) officers, accompanied by NSW police, found nine of the 12 were unlawfully in Australia and the remaining three were working in breach of their Australian visa conditions.

The 12 Malaysian nationals were located in an accommodation unit on the orchard.

All have been detained and have been transported to Broken Hill for further interviews.

The nine unlawful non-citizens – eight males and a female – have been detained while their circumstances are assessed and decisions about their possible removal from Australia are made.

DIAC officers will also interview the other three males, holders of Australian tourist visas, to determine whether their visas will be cancelled.

A DIAC spokesman said the assistance from NSW Police in the planning and execution of the operation had helped in its success.

“DIAC continues to remind employers that they risk major fines and even possible imprisonment for employing people from overseas whose Australian visas do not permit them to work.

“Individuals can be fined up to AU$33,000 and companies AU$165,000 per worker.”


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