14 September 2007

New citizenship test for Australian immigration passed through parliament

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The legislation introducing the new Australian immigration citizenship test was passed through parliament today. It is now expected that the test will commence on October 1st.

The Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship announced the passing of the Australian Citizenship Amendment (Citizenship Testing) Act 2007, saying: "Australian Citizenship provides for an overriding commitment to Australia, our laws, our values and our community.

"It is important that Australian citizens understand the values that guide us and how our society works. A citizenship test provides the means of ensuring that prospective citizens have such an understanding."

Only people applying to become citizens will be required to take the test, not those migrating and settling in Australia on a permanent or provisional Australian visa. The test will comprise questions on Australian history, culture and the Aussie way of life.

Australia welcomes skilled migrants: Anyone applying for an Australian visa should begin by completing the online Australian visa application to see if they meet the Australian visa requirements.

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