14 August 2008

NSW Tourism steps into a new era

New South Wales Tourism has launched a brand new marketing framework that has been tipped to take the state’s tourism into the future, reports Travelmole.

The new focus for NSW tourism has been outlined in a draft strategy and has been backed by $40 million from the government.  The strategy is the product of an extensive 2-month consultation which included stakeholders, the government and tourism operators.

"From today, NSW is back in the tourism business", Tourism Industry Council of NSW Chairman Ken Corbett said.

"We welcome the new emphasis on Sydney, particularly the attention to its brand,” he added.  As Sydney remains an iconic city of Australia, its rebranding is predicted to have a knock-on effect for tourism Australia-wide. 

Mr Corbett also said the new era of tourism in NSW will mean regional tourism operators will have more involvement in the planning and marketing of future tourism programmes and will be included in "an unprecedented level of industry cooperation".

Tourism Research predicts this year will see 5.6 million international visitors to Australia, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.  The Tourism Forecasting Committee also predicts by 2017 the number of international tourists will increase 4.4 per cent every year to reach 8.7 million people.  By foregrounding Australia’s iconic city Sydney in its marketing campaign, the Government is hoping to exceed this predicted trend.

International tourists to Australia need an Australia travel visa, except for New Zealand passport holders.  Visitors wishing to travel the country can apply for a short-stay tourist visa, or ETA, which is valid for three months.  The conditions of the visa mean that tourists cannot work at any time during their stay in Australia.

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Article by Jessica Bird, Australian Visa Bureau.

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