14 August 2008

Indonesian, Australian border movement alert project in full swing

Last week, the Australian embassy in Indonesia announced in a press release an updated major border movement alert computer project is now in full use between the Indonesian and Australian borders.

The project was a cooperative effort from the Australian Immigration Department and the Indonesian Law and Human Rights Department to enhance border security between the two countries.

The project, the Enhanced CEKAL, is a computer system that verifies the names of people applying for Australian visas or entry permits to Australia, and is used in Indonesian embassies, consulates, ports and offices. 

The Enhanced CEKAL is an upgrade on the previously used CEKAL program, and is tipped to be far superior and efficient in detecting fraudulent visa and permit applications and people smuggling.

The program cost A$10 million, and is just one of many recent initiatives taken by both governments to enhance border security and eliminate irregular migration. 

"We are doing a lot together to improve border security, including through forensic document examination training and initiatives to detect people who seek to travel on fake or altered passports," Senator Evans said.

"We are also exploring ways to better share information between our countries, and with other countries in the region, on immigration issues and trends which will help prevent people-smuggling, human trafficking and other forms of trans-national crime," he added.

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Article by Jessica Bird, Australian Visa Bureau.

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