14 July 2010

Record numbers of British Australian visa holders settling in Brisbane

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Record numbers of Britians emigrating to Australia are heading to the Queensland capital of Brisbane, not the usual city destinations of Sydney or Melbourne.

Australian Visa

Brisbane is proving to be a popular destination for British Australian Visa holders.

NatWest's recently-published Quality of Life Index found that every 10th person in Brisbane is a British national.

Brisbane, a sunny and tropical capital, also has the fastest-growing population of all Australian cities with more than 1,000 new arrivals every week.

British nationals who have moved to Brisbane on an Australian Visa have praised the laid-back lifestyle, affordable private education, and ease of transportation in the city.

Brisbane has a sub-tropical climate, with very mild winters, and the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast are only a short drive away. 

John Aitken, head of Brisbane Marketing, the city's economic development agency, highlights the "relaxed, outdoor lifestyle few cities in the world can offer".

Mr Aitken said the rapid growth of the city has delivered new entertainment precincts, an exciting live-music scene and quaint urban villages, all with a beautiful river, natural bay and scenic rim at the doorstep.

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